The six IT success factors for digital transformation 

Clear insights with BusinessITScan®   


With an increasing reliance on information technology in society and business, organizations need a reliable, efficient and innovative IT environment. BusinessITScan® provides you with a clear and useful dashboard report fully tailored to your organization’s needs. The web based modular application saves you time and cost, and provides a fast and cost efficient solution to measure and improve your digital transformation. 



You decide which stakeholders will be involved. At a time that suits them, they complete the BusinessITScan® over the internet. They also determine the level of ambition for the critical success factors of  IT. The report consists of the spider chart with your success factors and the dashboard. The detailed report (in Dutch) with recommendations for your specific situation is real time available as an option. Click here for a sample page of a customer specific report.



The six success factors in the spider chart make IT understandable for everyone. On a glance it is visible how IT is experienced by the user organization, how important IT is for your organization, and where improvements are necessary. Read more in our whitepaper.


Reports clearly define priorities, giving focus and enabling you to channel your time and resources to the most critical priorities. 


Aart Vollenhoven, CFO of Nedmag: 'The BusinessITScan gave us clear insights for our strategic decisions and practical feedback from the user organisation. With this feedback we can improve our IT services. Read more in the case study.


Relevant themes and IT models

BusinessITScan® also provides the opportunity to analyse and report on a specific set of success factors with underlying themes such as data quality, big data, IT strategy, information security, General Data Protection Regulation, IT sourcing or IT cost management. Click here for a complete overview of success factors and themes.


Quality of IT services can be improved when working in process oriented manner. Well known IT models include Prince2, ITIL, ASL, ISO 27001 and COBIT. Applying the principles of these models in certain cases is more useful than implenting an IT model end to end. This depends on the size of your organization. The BusinessITScan® covers all relevant themes and IT models in a coherent manner.


Relations about BusinessITScan® 

Financial director

‘The tool provided me with better grip on IT, and a better view of the risks. We clearly see how IT can be used better to become more profitable. Our auditors recognized our organization is ‘in control’. In addition, we have we have better understanding of IT costs, and less financial surprises.’ 

IT manager

‘The BusinessITScan® showed us how we can ensure better continuity, and how our organization can innovate more. Also, I noticed that the tool caused that the stakeholders reflected on their roles and tasks. The cooperation between the user organization and my IT Department has improved.’  

General manager

‘Previously all kinds of consultants offered labour intensive and therefore expensive analysis. This works differently: BusinessITScan® is a fact based and cost efficient analysis, which makes it easy to improve the success of my business ! 

Procurement manager

‘This tool offered us a bright and inexpensive analysis of our situation, so we saved our money for implementing improvements. It also helped us to improve the quality/price ratio of our IT suppliers.’ 

Operational director 'Although some managers still deny it: our business processes are becoming increasingly dependent on information systems. The BusinessITScan® made crystal clear where the user organization and IT have to improve. This makes our discussions very fact based: who should do what to become Lean, in order to better serve our customers !’ 


Getting started

The BusinessITScan® is available in two variants: 

Sneak Preview

(free of charge)


For all critical success factors of IT, one person will be answered a limited amount of questions. The spider chart and dashboard are generated in real-time. This will give you a first impression of the BusinessITScan®, and the situation in your organization. Click here to register and get started.     

Full scan

You can access the full BusinessITScan® and answer all the questions with more than one person. Data entered in the Sneak Preview will be preserved. The spider chart and dashboard are generated in real-time. This gives you an accurate insight in the critical IT success factors of your organization. The detailed report (in Dutch) with recommendations for your specific situation is real time available as an option. If you wish, IT's Teamwork and/or a partner can be at your service. Click here to register and get started.     




Your information is kept confidential. At the end of the BusinessITScan®, you can indicate whether you are interested in receiving white papers and/or contact with IT's Teamwork or a partner.



When you have questions about the reporting, we are happy to be of service. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us !


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