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The six IT success factors for digital transformation

Do you want more productivity and innovation without long and expensive consulting? 

Do you want more business-focussed IT services?

Need an indepedent and integrated view on IT satisfaction, strenghts and weaknesses?



Improve productivity and innovation
with the BusinessITScan

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Fast and clear insights 
in the strengths and weaknesses of your IT

The BusinessITScan® is the solution to measure and improve the success of IT within your organization. This unique tool gives you a clear insight how IT is experienced by your colleagues. It also shows you the attention points and opportunities. Save time and money, and start improving directly. 



Use the BusinessITScan® 

as an accelarator

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✓ Self service, independent, realtime, multi language

✓ Multipersona: involve colleagues with different roles (pdf)

✓ Up to date content (with a.o. Security ISO 27002, GDPR, ITGC)

✓ Clear spider chart and dashboard (pdf)

✓ Realtime and specific report for your organization (pdf)

✓ Clear recommendations

✓ Includes improvement proposals from your stakeholders

✓ Specify priorities and actions rapidly (pdf)



Reinforce your organization
with the six IT success factors


1. Partnership 2. Productivity 3. Innovation

BusinessITScan - Partnership

+ Improved IT satisfaction
+ Better cooperation between Business&IT
+ Clear expectations

BusinessITScan - Productiviteit

+ Increased efficiency
+ Better data quality
+ Useful management information

BusinessITScan - Innovatie

+ Insights on innovation status
+ Quick wins determined
+ Improved value contribution of IT

4. IT-competencies 5. IT stability & continuity 6. IT financial affairs

BusinessITScan - IT competenties

+ Clear IT strategy
+ Better project results
+ Improved security, GDPR and ITGC

BusinessITScan - IT-stabiliteit & continuïteit

+ Stable IT landscape
+ Improved management of IT suppliers
+ Coherent IT roadmap

BusinessITScan - IT-financiële zaken

+ IT costs and IT investments under control
+ Financially solid IT decisions
+ Insights on subsidy opportunies




Choose the variant of the BusinessITScan®
that suits you

Sneak Preview

• Free of charge

• One colleague

• Usage period 30 days

• All IT success factors

• Limited amount of questions

• 10-15 minutes completion time

• Sneak Preview dashboard

• Sneak preview report 

• Option: upgrade to complete BusinessITScan®



A clear first impression

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Complete BusinessITScan®

• € 595

• 10 colleagues (extra: € 22,50 p/p)

• Usage period half a year

• All IT success factors

• All questions role based

• 20-55 minutes completion time

• Dashboard based on all colleagues

• Sneak preview report

• Option: detailed report and Priorities&actions module: € 1495

• Consultancy & coaching


Rapid information collection

Start complete BusinessITScan®

Workshop BusinessITScan®

• Complete BusinessITScan®

• Preparation

• Kick off and guidance 

• Discuss dashboard and detailed report

• Explain Priorities&Actions module

• First selection of priorities

• Advice for next steps

• Option: completed Priorities- and actions module

• Option: Consultancy & coaching

• Option: Best practices & templates


Kickstart for transformation

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Maximize results
with our workshops

BusinessITScan Workshops - speed up your transformation

✓ Fast and complete insight in your organization

✓ Dashboard and report with opinions and proposals of all colleagues

✓ Sparring with experienced Business&IT-manager

✓ Ideal starting point for better cooperation between Business and IT

✓ Templates and best practices for rapid improvements

✓ Fact-based compass for IT strategy and digital transformation 

Whitepaper ITsteamwork - the six IT success factors
Want to know more about the six IT success factors, and how these can help your digital transformation?
Read our whitepaper: Business innovation with IT as a partner (pdf)

Download the whitepaper



A number of users of the BusinessITScan®

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"The BusinessITScan® gave us clear strategic directions and practical feedback from our colleagues. As a result, we have implemented various improvements in the meanwhile."

Aart Vollenhoven
CFO of Nedmag
Read more in the case study (pdf) 


"With 38 colleagues of our stores and various departments of our central organization, we used the BusinessITScan®. The realtime dashboard and report with recommendations provided us with clear insights in the IT satisfaction and the points for improvement, within a very short timeframe."

Jeroen van den Bruele
IT Manager of Shoeby



Publications about the BusinessITScan® (click on the logo)

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"The BusinessITScan® offers a broad and clear insight in priorities, opportunities and risks. This is why we want to position this tool in our network. This enables our community members to identify strengths and weaknesses in their organization, without time consuming and expensive consulting. 

Sander Hulsman
Editor in chief of Computable
Read more in the article (PDF) 

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